What a brilliant idea! Twitter is a trending form of social media which could spark great interest in this newest product offering. This will allow products to be purchased at the speed of light. The only concern I have is the security that will be offered to the customer who is syncing their American Express account with Twitter. Some may also be concerned with their privacy and security of personal information. E-commerce is a great market, but protection should be addressed if they want to see success in this area.

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By Heather Kelly

(CNN) — Twitter is getting into e-commerce. It’s now possible to buy goods online in two steps by tweeting a special hashtag.

The new collaboration between Twitter and American Express will turn the social media service into a shopping cart. American Express members who sign up will be able to buy products by mentioning the appropriate hashtag in a Tweet. The @AmexSync account will tweet back with a confirmation hashtag. Once you tweet that confirmation hashtag, American Express will shoot you a confirmation e-mail and give you 15 minutes to confirm you want the product. Your card will be charged and the goods shipped to your billing address.

The two companies announced the partnership on Monday and kicked it off with a single product offering, a $25 American Express gift card for $15. Other products will be available starting Wednesday morning.

To start Twitter shopping you’ll need…

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